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Talk:MacTaggert, Moira

In the aliases, you say her name is frequently misspelled with an "A" instead of an "E". However, the actual name of this bio is spelled with an "A". sononsj 22:40, 6 May 2006 (EDT)

Moira Kinross, Joe MacTaggert, and Charles Xavier

I corrected the first part of Moira's biography to reflect the story as presented in the comics. Moira was not married when she met Charles at Oxford. Xavier and MacTaggert were rivals for her affections. Charles' decision to enlist in the army to prove himself worthy seems dubious -- kind of unnecessarily macho. It's not clear what Moira thought of his doing this. But she did remain loyal to him for a while, while he was serving in Southeast Asia. Since Marvel's sliding timeline has moved to far for this to have been service during the Vietnam War, it has been updated to service with a covert action of the US military in Southeast Asia. Xavier was attached to a search and rescue unit.

We don't know why Moira broke off her engagement with Xavier so suddenly, when he had only one month left on his tour of duty. Nor do we know why she suddenly married Joe MacTaggert instead. In any case, what happened next is clearly stated in several different sources; i.e., Joe MacTaggert took Moira to New York and brutally beat her and raped her in a hotel room, leaving her hospitalized for a week. She was also found to be pregnent. Whether this was while she was in the hospital (implying she was already pregnant by Charles Xavier), or she discovered she was pregnant months later, is not clear.