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Talk:North Wind (unrevealed)

Talk:North Wind (unrevealed)

Character heading

Is this North Wind's name Kita or not because if it is, then it should be listed as North Wind (Kita). Please let me know so I can move it to the right page if necessary. Thank you. --Acotilletta 21 Nov 2010

The problem here is that there are two characters having the exact same name and position. In Deadpool #65 Kita is executed by the Black Swan. However Kita is later shown in Agent X #4 as being behind the assassination attempt of the male Higashi, whose predecessor has the same name as well. The distinguishing factor is that she is female. This new KIta appears to be slightly younger than the one seen in the Deadpool book. Basically what I am saying that I will leave this up to you. I followed an existing link to create the Kita page. --Ohitsme 15:50, 21 November 2010 (UTC)

I understand there are two characters - it seems as if all of the Winds have two characters for each of their titles - but in the North Wind (unrevealed) profile, it appears as if you are talking about Kita specifically. If that is the case, then the profile should be listed under North Wind (Kita), and North Wind (unrevealed) should be left blank until such time there is sufficient information to add a profile for that character. --Acotilletta 22 Nov 2010

I understand, you will need to fix the disambiguation page as well because it appears to be referring to a third Character. I have not read that Electra story in while but all four of those Winds had the same names, but appeared to be different people from the ones in Agent X and Deadpool. It is possible that all the Four Winds leaders are descendants of a powerful Japanese family and the name listed is the last name, but I agree it should be changed, I followed the link because it spoke to that specific Kita and his actions.--Ohitsme 11:13, 22 November 2010 (UTC)