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All-New OHOTMU #3

Who wrote the council of Godheads entry in #3???? It was very good. Lots of detail. Truly awesome stuff. Just one thing: No Leir??? -- IRISH4869 03:48, 24 March 2006 (EST)

That would be our head writer, Jeff Christiansen, who crafted that awesome profile :) --ComiX-Fan 05:30, 24 March 2006 (EST)

It was okay, I just felt it spent too much time rambling on about the pantheons of earth. That stuff would have worked better in a Gods entry. I found another version of a Council of Godheads entry on this site about gods: --Thor_2000 12:23, 23 June 2007 (CST)


I was expecting a few entries which I didn't see. I was hoping for a new Elders of the Universe entry with the Elders that were added in Quasar and other places. I was also hoping for a Force of Nature Page. I was also confused by the Fathom Five page. Shouldn't it be Fathom's Five? That's how it was spelled in the comic and how it's referenced in other handbook texts. Overall though it's pretty good stuff. Elf with a Gun. Priceless. Whoever did that one gets a prize. I know Eric did the Forge entry which is pretty good. I'm willing to bet Stuart did the Fury entry. There is almost no way for me to get info on characters like him and Jaspers and Slaymaster except for the handbooks. I can't find british comics in any American store near me and i don't like buying comics online. It's like a box of chocolates. I have some guesses as to who you guys are going to have in future handbooks and a few suggestions for the 80's and 90's handbooks (if you're willing to hear them). -- IRISH4869 04:49, 27 April 2006 (EDT)

Hi IRISH4869, sometimes there are conflicting information published in the comics - like Liz Allan (sometimes spelled Allen), Sergei Kravinoff (sometimes spelled Kravinov). We try to see what came first, what was used most frequently, talk to the creators and/or editors, and let the Handbooks serve to solidify what should be canon for future references. Fathom Five should be spelled without a possessive. See the Appendix entry on Fathom Five, and you'll see an (small) image where they're called just Fathom Five. If there's a Handbook error with the possessive, let me know and we'll post it to the errata page on the new Handbook's FAQ. Elf w/a Gun was Jeff Christiansen's baby, and he was quite proud of it. Stuart did write Fury. Glad the Handbook could help you with the UK info. Feel free to post your guesses and suggestions - but the Handbooks for 2006 are already mapped out. We don't know what's next, but we'd like to hear who'd you like to see.--MikeFichera 17:36, 27 April 2006 (EDT)

Mike apparently I was way off. I just checked the issues and they are NEVER mentioned with the possesive. Iwomder why I was so sure that they were? Anyway, thanks for being open-minded about it. -- IRISH4869 05:30, 28 April 2006 (EDT)