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Talk:Sandman (William Baker)

Talk:Sandman (William Baker)

This guy in a movie, I wonder how much CGI will be involved. marvels 21:26, 19 April 2006 (EDT)

I dunno how excited I am to see him. He's only an okay villain in my opinion, and there's always some silly gimmick that the hero has to use to beat him. Whether it be cement or freezing, whatever. But either way, he'll take as much CGI as Mister Fantastic did/will.PseudoSherlock 16:53, 17 May 2006 (EDT)

i am kinda hoping that tey are tying to mislead us and sandmans' only going to make a brief appearance. the hob goblin would be a much better choice (harry).--thewatcheromega

this guy in a movie is a really really bad choice

i could think of three better villans right off the top!... infact i think i will hobgoblin,carnage,venom! - pickelteeth

Yeah I agree, it sould have been Carnage not Sandman. I was very dissapointed! --Adam