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What is Silver Surfers skin made of.

I want to know too. Is it made of metal like wolverine's claws or something?

It's made out of a "cosmically-powered silvery material". sononsj 18:03, 29 May 2006 (EDT)

it wicked that he can basically move though objects without damaging them

Yeah what is it made of? --Adam

made out of metal crom

Finally, he gets in a movie.

I think it has taken Marvel long enough to get such a cool character into the movies, but they have finally done it. The next fantastic four, set to come out in 2007 will be called Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer. I still can't believe it has taken this long though, I mean Marvel started the Spider-man movies like five or six years ago. All Silver Surfer fans should write Marvel and tell them the next movie they make needs to be about Silver Surfer alone, he shouldn't be a tagalong, he is to cool for that.

he is the best character in the movie besides the human torch

Yeah, he is the best character, Finally Mavel is going to put one of the most feared villans in a movie. It took them forever. --Adam

Wiki link usage..

There is damaged link syntax for Jessica Jones. the silver surfer is not a villain he only joined galactus to save his planet and he actually turns into the fantastic fours ally.