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I did some changed to this page, because there where several mistakes. Also I want to just tell you sononsj why I did them. First he worked for Jackal, but later he joined whit Scrier against Jackal. He doesnt have legal citizenship, because he is a clone. He has part of Peter's education, before the sample was took. There is no reason to say what color his eyes and hair is when he is in the costume. Yes its a costume he doesnt change his appearance. The costume was shown in the comic when Jackal sent him to stole the last thing for the Carrion virus. He can make his arms and fingers to resemple sharp and blunt weapons. It cant be categoriesed as a seperate weapons they are more like a part of him. Just wanted you to know why I did those changes even if nobody might prove them. --Wezqu 15:25, 18 June 2006 (GTM)

Well it seems you deleted what you posted for response, but in the comic it clearly is shown that its a costume when Jackal ask him to get the component for the Carrion virus. When Jackal is asking this he is holding Spidercide's costume and Spidercide even ask "You... you designed a costume for me?!" and Jackal aswers "Why not? You deserve everything that Parker and Reilly has... and more!" This scene is on the end of Spectacular Spider-Man #226. This is also just before he goes to steal the incredient and runs into New Warriors in New Warriors #61. Of course the suit might have been made from that clone mass that Spidercide himself is made off. He isnt a solid mass he is rather made of substance that can mold itself like the symbiotes can. Im not saying that he is a symbiote, but like I said that its a costume and I just gave you proof about it. --Wezqu 23:45, 18 June 2006 (GTM)

Yeah I was just thinking that Wezqu (I know this was written a year ago but I'm kinda slow). Spidercide wears a costume yet his stats for his hair and eye color say that he has hasel eyes yet they are white as Spidercide. That's the equivalent of saying Peter Parker has hazel eyes yet they are white as Spider-Man. Should this be changed? Could a mod help us out here?-s05bf0d4 19:13, 11 April 2007 (EDT)

Oh wait I just remembered that the Spider-Man handbook is coming out tomorrow (I'm in Europe) so I could change it according to what that says....if that's alright with a moderator.-s05bf0d4 19:15, 11 April 2007 (EDT)