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Marvel Universe 


First mutant

I believe that Namor is the best character in teh whole Marvel Universe. His strength is unparalleled when in contact to water, but that is one side effect to being one of the first recorded mutants on Earth. Plus he has no hair on his body, except for his head. PigmanIV

yeah abought the first mutant part the first mutant was actualy apocolyps who was born in ancient egypt in 2000bc or something spiderman12901

No, Pigman is refering to Namor was the first mutant to ever be published in Marvel Comics. His priemere dates back to the 1940's while Apocalypse was introduced in 1986. It is relating to our time, not Marvel time.--MadJackLogan 08:32, 1 August 2006 (EDT)

He's my favorite hero

Hey I have a question for ..... anybody. I was reading a really old comic I found on Google. And I saw Namor in space flying fast with nothing but his swimming trunks and his anckle wings. I was just wondering , can the Sub-Mariner do that? And what about his new electrical power was that a one time thing? Can anybody answer these questions please? irvindoggg

                               Namor is awesome.But his strength is amazing.
                              6/5/07 I was reading and I was so happy that Sub-Mariner
                               was king of Atlantis.