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Recent CIVIL War issue Team Members Update?

SO since all those villains are now basically a part of the thunderbolts team... do we add them to the roster? Or do we wait? and if we do then for how long? -- mimicx35

They can be added to the Civil War page under the Pro-Registration, but not to the Thunderbolts profile, wait about 3 weeks after a title is released. The reason that they can be added to one page and not the other is so viewers can find out up to date information related to CIVIL WAR on Civil War. Currently that is the only page that you are post information on as soon as it is released. --DragynWulf 01:57, 17 July 2006 (EDT)


I Think kaine should be on the thunderbolts. I've seen this on message boards before and kaine is one my fave characters, so why not put him on the thunderbolts? Who else would like to see kaine on the thunderbolts?... think about how cool it would be to see kaine and venom on the same team. fantasticthing

Even if we should not talk about these things on the talk pages as it doesn't concer the bio at all. Kaine would kill Venom and half of the team as he would see them as people who should not live at all. Also Kaine wont be showing up until they decide to bring Peter's child in the comics as he is the one who saved him/her from Cabal of Scriers. Even if it was not shown that it was a baby what he took there were too many hints that it was just that. Kaine doesn't care about his own life so they couldn't control him at all. Spidercide could be better choice if we would stick on the clone characters. --Wezqu 18:35, 7 September 2007 (EDT) Well mac gargan learned to control venom, kaine could probably be controled and as far his touch of death he could wear gloves like rogue, besides i don't think spidercide is as well known as kaine. User:Fantasticthing