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like this guy a lot, really great charecter



Toxin is the best thing that ever happed to the Symbiote story line!

Toxin is a great symbiote, but what happend to the first symbiote female Scream? --Black Panther#1 18:15, 20 March 2007 (ENT)

She's not the first. Carnage is the first symbiote born from Venom and she is one of the five after him. She is also Venom's "child" so Carnage is her "brother". Toxin is Carnage's "son" not Venom's. Also to point one thing out to you is that she is not Scream she never used that alias but many people don't seem to notice it. If you wan't a update what is happening with her then read it yourself here Venom Spawn (Donna). --Wezqu 19:26, 20 March 2007 (CDT)

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeasssseee more Toxin!

keep Toxin!

Adressing a complaint I saw about Toxin I would like to say that in my opinion Toxin is by far one the best things to happen to the symbiote legacy and puts a totally new spin on the whole symbiote element of these books. No direspect to the views of anyone else though, But I feel this charecter breathes a breath of fresh air into the symbiote world and was a great idea hope to see more of him in the future. Keep up the good work!--david andrews 18:09, 14 March 2006 (EST)

I concur


I also like Toxin, Toxin Forever! Black Panther#1 6:05, 20 March 2007 (EST)

Toxin is one of the best symbiotes

I think he is the best symbiote ever, except for Venom

Same here !! Mad Jester waz here!

Toxin Comment

I have to agree with these guys, Toxin is a solid character and he's a complete one eighty on the symbiote norm, a guy that has to constantly controll his urges to kill to do what's right, and fact: he beat Venom and Carnage by himself, plus I pretty much made the bio.--Viper

Yeah I like this guy, he has to force himself to not want for things because he gives the symbiote control at night, and the symbiote wants to please him. marvels 22:28, 20 April 2006 (EDT)

I love the symbiotes and the goblins (symbiotes more) and I do think he is the best symbiote

What's his name again?

Someone should write about that guy with swords for arms (what's his name again?!) in the bio. I don't have the Toxin mini-series, so I don't know exactly what happened. (Razor-Fist, that's it)!user:sononsj

Toxin's future?

I don't remember exactly how I heard about Toxin, especially since I wasn't really into comics back then, but after I got my hands on the first few issues of his mini-series, I knew I had to get every issue, as well as Venom vs. Carnage (his origin story.) So I did.

Now seeing as how I own every comic he's been in, I can only ask myself, "where to from here?" It would be nothing short of a crime for Marvel to just let Toxin fall into the abyss that is "inactive characters." Personally, I think the best thing Marvel could do with Toxin would be not only to continue from where they left off but to brind back other lesser known symbiotes into his story, like Hybrid and Scream. Especially since Hybrid was a good symbiote long before Toxin. Actually, Hybrid's host was usually more violent and vengeful than the symbiote itself (which consisted of 4 symbiotes, whose hosts were killed by Scream.) And any of you that remember Scream remember that she's just crazy!..............maybe Toxin should kill her.........I dunno...........I wish these were my decisions to make...

Firstly her name isnt Scream. She doesnt have any alias. Her name is Donna lastname is still unknown. That Scream name was used in a game and in a action figure but she has never been called Scream in the commics. Also not to burst your bubble but Scream is nowadays a antihero like Venom was. She regrets her murderous ways and is redeeming herself by helping other people who are hosts to symbiotes how to deal with their new "friend". --Wezqu 15:21, 23 June 2006 (EDT)

I frankly dont think id miss this guy to much. I wouldnt mind seeing Carnage re-absorb him like Venom did with Carnage. - maximum/carnage

I was pleasantly surprised...

When I first heard of "Toxin, child of Carnage" I was annoyed with what I took to be more fouling up of the symbiotes, hence further destruction to the Spidey universe. But I was curious to see how "bad" it was, so one day I picked up Venom Vs. Carnage TPB. Somehow, I got hooked. The first thing that drew me in was the art and storytelling. Then the story and characters kept me turning the pages. It was fresh and interesting, which is rare feeling for me when I browse comic books nowadays. I bought the book, and it's worth all the 20 bucks I spent.

Nothing seems intrinsically spectacular about Pat Mulligan. He's just a cop. Toxin is yet another symbiote spawn. (Like we haven't seen that before.) In fact, many elements -- from plots to characters -- seem like they're not trying too hard to outdo anything that's already been done. Maybe that's one reason this was pulled off so effectively (at least for these first 12 issues).

Spider-Man has fought villains for 40 years. There's a point where you've got to stop adding and adding to a character. Eventually, authors are just trying to leave their "mark," and the story ceases to be about Spider-Man. I won't go into specific peeves, but I actually like how Spidey keeps his distance in the Toxin comics. His presence is almost parental, as though he is fading away, passing the baton to a new hero-in-the-making, one created in this century. Note the unmistakable resemblance of Toxin to Spider-Man, Pat Mulligan to Peter Parker. For a long time, Spider-Man has received updates, makeovers, even resurrections. Maybe what he really needed was a successor (no blood relative) with his own conflicts.

Among major issues of today are frustrated fears that the bad guys/terrorists/nutcases are gaining the upper hand. Do we have to become monsters to defeat the monsters? Because it really seems that by playing nice, all we get is slapped around, even if it is the "right thing" to do. Much of the time, it's hard to say what's right. Especially when there's a potential danger to everything you hold dear living inside you. Toxin/Pat Mulligan hasn't declared a motto yet (another plus), but he's on a journey and I want to see where he goes. Give us more Toxin!

Fact:Toxin was seen on the cover of The Initiative #1. This has so much potential in a story! Toxin, not wanting to be at odds with the government, joins the initiative, and has to fight Spidey. About half way through the story, Toxin will see some of the corruption in the initiative-the likes of "heroes" like Venom and Green Goblin-and would quit the initiative and join with Spidey. Another good story for him would be that he would have to fight Anti-Venom because Anti-Venom thought he was the same as Venom. There are so many great stories that could be told with Toxin! If only Marvel would bring him back...-JackDaJavelin


Why is Toxin listed in the "Horror" category? That just does'nt make sense.