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Talk:Warlock (Janie Chin)

Talk:Warlock (Janie Chin)

Correcting this bio

There is some wrong info in this bio. Adam Warlock didn't create her the Enclave scientist did and all of that she experienced in Warlock #1-3 happened in her dream. In reality it never happened. Of course it can be in the bio but it should be mentioned that it was a dream so the new Warlock could know how to make the world better place and not to obey the Enclave. Even if it might have happened as we know Warlock has the power to change the world but I don't think he would have taken that a big chance that something might have gone wrong. Of course Warlock intervened in her programing giving her those dreams and making her to rewrite her priorities but he didn't make the world back it was just a dream. I would correct this myself if it was not so big and needing someone who has better writing skills than me. I would appreciate if someone would correct this because now its totally off atleast the last chapter. --Wezqu 20:15, 19 July 2007 (EDT)

The information in this bio is correct. Read the story and you will see that she was not dreaming. You are right, most of the bio comes from vol. #4, because that is where her transformation takes place. On page #29 the third panel you will see the question who did this? The scientist on the left side of the page says "dreaming". She replies "no he said training". Warlock interfaced with the computer somehow and programmed the young girl. Read the story. The bio is correct. --ohitsme

Well okay I stand corrected on that part but it doesn't change the fact that Adam Warlock didn't create her. Enclave scientist created her Adam only changed the program to suit his needs. In reality they could have made her by themself and make her tool of their design. Adam intervened on the process but he was not the person who created her. In that the profile is wrong because it list him as the creator. --Wezqu 14:05, 20 July 2007 (EDT)