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Talk:Watson, Mary Jane

Talk:Watson, Mary Jane

Mary Jane Talk. Face it, Tiger, you hit the jackpot.

I think we need a more recent headshot. (no longer relevant)

Can you grab something from SMLMJ (like from issue 1 or 2) or from FNSM. I know this will annoy the purists, but, where possible, we need to show more recent artwork.

Guess I'm showing my age, eh? In my mind, she's always a Romita Sr. You ok with me shrinking it, and inserting it within the text like I did with Spidey? I disagree on Spidey Loves MJ, though - different universe, different MJ.

Definitely put it in-line. (The engine will shrink it for you if you specify a width so you can do [[image:image_name.jpg|30px]] to make a thumbnail without having to shrink it yourself.

instant shrink - pretty nifty! I subbed it out for Deodato's brilliant work from ASM. Have a few mini pics to add to highlight her history - first appearance at the door is a must, Go-Go dancing, the first proposal rejection, the wedding, then McFarlane's MJ, Bagley, and cap it with Dodson's recent work from Marvel Knights SM.

I agree with the "she will always be a Romita Sr.". But, I am a Romita Jr. fan so one of his pictures would be good too. Maybe one of the ones where she is wearing the lingerie for the lobsterman movie. marvels 22:25, 12 April 2006 (EDT)

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Props to Jonathan Couper, top dog at, who wrote most of this text for the Spider-Man Encyclopedia.