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Per Excalibur v1 #93, Wolfsbane is said to be the daughter of Reverend Craig. It also states the Craig started as a minister in Ullapool, where he met Wolfsbane's mother. After Rahne's birth, during which her mother died, Craig was named her guardian. Then he was moved by his church from Ullapool to Kinross, taking Rahne with him. I tried to make this edit but it was rejected. I have the citation so please make the changes. --ferroboy

I'm not a moderator, but decided to answer you question. Yes you are right about the names and who is his father, but the real reason why your post most likely didn't get proved was that you listed her place of birth wrong. Ullapool is in Scotland and U.K. is not a area its the name of a country. Even if Scotland is part of United Kingdom does not make it entire United Kingdom. Also these things had already been listed in a official handbook so these things were not really needed to be citated. I will update the bio so we all can be happy. --Wezqu 16:59, 30 August 2007 (EDT)