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Clone but then how come in some comics people talk as if shes wolvies daughter

Shes not but it almost seems like she is they are almost like distant relatives but act like father and daughter hope that explains it a little Xtreme112

It looks like they are father and daughter onslaunt

Or they are distance relatives or she is his daughter hey is x-23 hotter than ms.marvel tarhaun

She is a clone created using a damaged sample of Wolverine's DNA. The Y-chromosome was the damaged portion, therefore they needed to replace it with the undamaged X-chromosome, which is why she is female. Wolverine essentially regards her as a surrogate daughter, much like Jubilee and Shadowcat, except to a deeper level as she is genetically his descendant. Now, my question is, whenever she's shown next to Wolverine, she's shown as nearly a head shorter, and yet her height is listed at 5'6", while Wolverine is only 5'3". Wouldn't this imply that X23 would have to be a maximum of 5' tall? the-real-sandman

first off, it's just wrong to see X-23 as "hotter than Ms Marvel" isn't she like 15? also, i wouldn't really see them as father-daughter so much as brother-sister; although, in the end it all comes down to being a clone. Galongdafar