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Talk:Young Avengers

Talk:Young Avengers


William seems to be able to harness magical, if not reality-altering, powers. Thomas seems to move really fast, with some other powers in addition. Reminds me of some former Avengers.

Also, what were the names of the twins that the Scarlet Witch willed into existence? - oldsage

The Scarlet Witch's twins? They were called Thomas and William. Must be a coincidence. :) Stuart Vandal 17:55, 17 March 2006 (EST)

Hulkling & Wiccan

From the first issue I loved Young Avengers and upon reading the coming out issue I was cemented as a life-long reader. As a young gay kid, you're not often afforded the same liberties and social outlets as your piers. You don't see healthy portrayals of yourself in mainstream media and I just wish I had a book like Young Avengers when I was growing up. I think that the relationship between Hulkling and Wiccan has been portrayed in a positive light and a matter-of-fact way. I just hope that their relationship may develop in the years to come and perhaps even parallel the existing epic love stories throughout the marvel universe like that of Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson or Scott Summers and Jean Grey to help show the world that humanity is inherently diverse and that predefined notions of what we should be or become are both ludicrous and asinine. I applaud Marvel once again for their foresight and bravery for addressing the topic of gay teen relationships for those of us who have lived through it and those who are about to.

I'm a big fan of the couple too. I'm just a little worried that they'll end up as Marvel's token gay youth couple. I don't wanna see them too into each other. I'm hoping they have some dramatics in their relationship, you know, arguing, fighting, off-and-on-ing. Not because I want there to be trouble with the two, but I want a realistic relationship so that they don't end up as a token gay relationship there only to please the LGBT fans, you know, they should have more depth to them. So far, Marvel's doing a good job at developing the individuals as more than tokens, though. A Skrull-Kree and the twin's backgrounds? Key players in the Marvel Universe. Good job. -T3WK00L

Favorite Young Avenger

Hey, who is your favorite Young Avenger and why. I would say Hulkling as his powers rule. There are powerful shapeshiters and changelings out there in the MU, but the two together, thats just awesome!

My favorite character has to be Wiccan, formerly known as Asgardian. Aside from him being a great representative of queer youth, his history's insanely cool. His powers, even cooler. -T3WK00L

My favorite is Speed. Always liked the opportunities being fast brought but his powers are hands down the best of all the speedsters in the Marvel universe. His uncle Quicksilver only tops him in experience.

My favorite Young Avenger is Wiccan. He's sweet and reserved but his potential to be a truly powerful member of the Young Avengers, not to mention the entire Marvel U, paints a really palpable picture for the books readers both yound and old, gay and straight, Kree or Skrull.

I love the fact that Marvel decided to have a young, gay couple with such tremendous pasts and potential. Not only is it good story, it's good marketing. How many gay comic heroes are there? Not many...and even fewer key characters. Young Avengers is now one of my favorite comics, not just for the gay storyline, but how they weave it into these intricate plots. Bravo Marvel.