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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
New Mutants #21 (1984)

Home World

Technology Level


Physical Description
The Technarchy are shape-shifters who can change their size, shape, skin pigmentation, mass, and appearance to any form they wish, which makes them all physically unique. Their organic bodies resemble metal and their body structure resembles machinery/circuitry. Most Technarchy have black skin pigmentation with yellow or gold machine resembling strips.

Little is known about the Technarchy, expect that they are a race of hostile techno-organic, meta-morphic beings who scourge the universe looking for things to feed on, using the "techno-organic virus". The Technarchy are ruled by their king, Magus on their home world of Kvch.

There is a tradition in which the rulers of the Technarchy must face their children in battle to see who has the right to govern the Technarchy. At some point in time Magus gave "birth" to his son, Warlock. As Warlock grew older he began to manifest a mutant quality that other Technarchy did not have, kindness. As the time approached for his inevitable fight with his father, Warlock became frightened and left Kvch, and headed towards Earth. As he landed on Earth he befriended the X-Men and New Mutants. Enraged at his son's cowardice Magus followed Warlock to Earth and was defeated by the X-Men and New Mutants several times. Magus then returned to Kvch. Many years later on Earth, Cameron Hodge used Warlocks energy and the "techno-organic virus" to create an offshoot of the Technarchy called the Phalanx. The Phalanx began to spread throughout the universe including the Shi'ar Empire, enraged at the Phalanx for being "genetic abominations", Magus began to destroy them. His trail of the Phalanx lead him to Earth and found out his son was now a hybrid of human, Technarchy, mutant, and Phalanx. Determined to destroy all Phalanx, Magus attacked Warlock. However during the fight Magus was infected with a new strain of the "techno-organic virus" and fled back to Kvch.

Recently, Nova traveled to Kvch to seek the Technarchy for help in destroying the Phalanx menace. However, once he arrived he saw that the planet was desolate and seemingly barren.

The Technarchy, Magus, or Warlock have not been seen since.

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