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Marvel Universe 

Texas Rangers

The Rangers began basically by accident. Rick Jones was being held captive by the villainous Corruptor, who had the Hulk under his influence. Rick managed to sent a shortwave radio message to attempt to contact the Avengers. The message never reached the Avengers, but instead five individuals intercepted the message and responded: Shooting Star and Texas Twister, Firebird, the Phantom Rider (Hamilton Slade), and Red Wolf.

Although the five Southwestern adventurers were unable to stop the Hulk's rampage, they did enable him to defeat the Corruptor. At the battle's end, Texas Twister suggested that the five of them get together whenever a threat to the Southwest crops up. They agreed and took the collective name of the Rangers. However, because of the geographical separation among the members, they rarely acted as a team. Additional, Shooting Star was revealed to be possessed by a demon at the next meeting of the team and the demon had acted against the team meeting.

The Rangers later appear as a team towards the end of the Civil War, in which they have been reformed as the state superteam for Texas. The original five members have been joined by Armadillo, a reformed supervillain, as well as Living Lightning, a former Avenger. The Rangers next assist in protecting the President from HYDRA's attack. There are injuries but no fatalities.