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Marvel Universe 

The Eighth City


Marvel Universe

The Eighth City can only be reached through a dimensional doorway, but its Earthly Gate is in the remotest part of China

The finest minds of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven

None, but Quan Yaozu ruled its citizens; formerly Changming ruled

Points of Interest
The Eighth City is a virtual hell with plenty of prison holding cells and a giant arena for its prisoners to serve as gladiators

First Appearance
Only mentioned (Immortal Iron Fist #14, 2008); Physically seen (Immortal Iron Fist #22, 2009)

The Eighth City was discovered entirely by accident, but it was considered to be a new source of hope by the elders of the fabled city of K'un-Lun. This empty, brutal realm could serve as a prison for the many demons and monsters that had been a plague to the ancient civilization. The other Seven Capital Cities of Heaven also considered these creatures a threat, and gave aid in the form of their immortal weapons. A massive battle was fought, led by the first Iron Fist, Quan Yaozu, and the monsters were finally trapped behind a dimensional gate which could only be opened when all the immortal weapons focused their chi together. However, some of the demons were able to keep the doorway opened from the other side, and therefore, impossible to seal. Quan Yaozu took it upon himself to travel to the other side and close the doorway.

Many years later, the Seven Capital Cities once again merged to form the Heart of Heaven where the great tournament took place between their immortal weapons. A man named Xao allied himself with Hydra and attempted to destroy K'un-Lun. The destruction of one city would have led to the destruction of all, so the champions of the Seven Cities joined together and defeated their mutual enemy. Before his death, Xao spoke of The Eighth City, and the Immortal Weapons were determined to find it. They remained on Earth to help the current Iron Fist, Daniel Rand, in his search.

It wasn't long before death came for Rand in the form of an ancient evil known as the Ch'i-Lin. This unstoppable demon hungers for the power of the Iron Fist and will stop at nothing to get it. It inhabited a human by the name of Zhou Cheng, and if it wasn't for the combined might of the Immortal Weapons, Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, Daniel Rand would have been killed. The significance of Zhou and the Ch'i-Lin was that they both seemed to have ties to The Eighth City as indicated by a map to its location in Zhou's possession. The new ruler of K'un-Lun, Lei Kung, the Thunderer, sent word to Danny about the many innocents which could be trapped inside The Eighth City. The Immortal Weapons journeyed to the Earthly gateway, on a rescue mission, and focused their chi to open the doorway to the other side.

When they crossed over, it was if they stepped into Hell and were immediately bound and imprisoned. They were forced to fight the monsters and beasts that were held captive there for so long, and their torments seemed never ending. The champions were kept apart with no means of communication until Danny devised a way of speaking with the others, and an escape plan had been formed. During a battle between Rand and the ruler of The Eighth City, Changming, Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter put their plan into action. She was the first to break her bonds and then freed the others. There was a massive battle, followed by a prison break back to the dimensional doorway. Danny discovered Changming was actually Quan Yaozu in disguise, and he never intended to keep the Weapons imprisoned indefinitely. He wanted them to escape, so he could enact his schemes of revenge against his former home of K’un-Lun.

When the portal was finally opened, the Immortal Weapons, Iron Fist, Quan Yaozu and his secret army all made it back to Earth. How many of The Eighth City's citizens were liberated or how many more will follow has yet to be revealed.

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