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Marvel Universe 

The Fault


Marvel Universe

Black Bolt (created The Fault when detonating a massive bomb which punched a hole in the universe)


Points of Interest
There are various hostile realities located within The Fault, but it has yet to be revealed if any can control where they will end up once they enter it

First Appearance
War of Kings #6 (2009)

The Fault is massive rip in the universe leading to any number of realities in time and space. It was created when Black Bolt of the Inhumans decided to end the horrific Kree – Shi'ar war by detonating a gigantic bomb filled with Terrigen Gas This gas is what triggers the changes in all Inhumans to give them their powers. Black Bolt's agenda was to turn everyone in the galaxy into Inhumans since, theoretically, it is forbidden for Inhumans to war with one another. However, the Shi'ar emperor at the time, Vulcan, ambushed Black Bolt on board the T-Bomb and rendered the Terrigen inert. Still, Black Bolt wanted to rid the universe of Vulcan's evil, so he ignited the bomb anyway. Both men were seemingly killed in the blast, and the universe simply could not stand the strain-especially after the Annihilation Wars against Annihilus and the Phalanx respectively – and the Fault was born.

This ever expanding tear would have completely engulfed the universe if not for the sheer will and power of Adam Warlock, who halted the Fault's growth by anchoring it onto another unused reality. There was a price to pay for his actions which cost him his life as well as many members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Within this wound to the universe are various hostile presences that wish to get out and consume the new territory they have been given access to, but there are those that fight valiantly to prevent that from happening. Quasar, Nova, the surviving members of the Guardians with help from the Luminals, Gladiator and his Imperial Guard and even the Starjammers are among the many striving to explore and contain whatever evils they find within the Fault.

Most of these individuals have come face-to-face with the dangers lurking inside the mysterious phenomena, but it has yet to be revealed if even their combined might will be able to stop what's inside from polluting the universe and seal the Fault forever.

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