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Marvel Universe 

The Keep


Marvel Universe

The Keep is a space-station that was constructed on the fringes of the forbidden Dark Nebula.

Galadorian scientist

The Galadorian Spaceknights

The Keep was equipped with a sophisticated cloaking device designed to block the strange energies of the Black Sun from Wraithworld depriving the sorcerous Dire Wraiths of the primary energy source of their "Dark Sorcery."

First Appearance
Annihilators #1 (2011)

The Galadorian scientist created the Keep as a sophisticated space-station stronghold; it was designed to prevent the diabolical inhabitants of the Dark Nebula from leaving their dreadful domain and wreaking havoc across the known universe. The Galadorians' equipped the “Keep” with a cloaking device that blocked the energies of the demonic Black Sun, preventing it from radiating onto Wraithworld, depriving the sorcerous Dire Wraiths, Deathwings and other devilish creatures within this realm of space of the Black Sun’s mystical energy reservoir that nourishes their "Dark Sorcery." Recently the Wraith Warlock Doctor Dredd invaded the Keep and killed the Galadorian scientists and Spaceknight warriors stationed there by slicing them to ribbons. Dredd sabotaged the cloaking equipment allowing the Black Sun to radiate its mystical energies once more, empowering the Wraiths and other inhabitants allowing them to break free of their galaxy wide prison.

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