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Marvel Universe 

The Neutralode


Marvel Universe


Presumably Atom-Smasher (Michael English)

Formerly Atom-Smasher (Michael English)

When the second Atom-Smasher devised a maniacal plot to hold the world for ransom, he raised the bar to levels where his brother, the original Atom-Smasher, would never dare go. The first didn't relish the idea of murder, but his successor made a machine designed specifically to extinguish life. Engineered to utilize the unique radiation inside Atom-Smasher, the Neutralode, when powered up, would flood a designated city with deadly neutron rays, killing millions in seconds. The lack of resistance in the area would enable Atom-Smasher's men to loot as much as they wanted. The Neutralode was going to be used to threaten every nation of the world to pay a hefty fee to Atom-Smasher, or else face utter devastation when he turned his ultimate doomsday weapon on them. If not for the intervention of Spider-Woman, Thing and the man formerly known as Black Goliath, Bill Foster, Atom-Smasher would have succeeded. Foster fought with Atom-Smasher and damaged the Neutralode in the process. When Atom-Smasher attempted to use his invention to destroy the heroes, he ignored Foster's warning, and the Neutralode overloaded and exploded, killing Atom-Smasher as a result.

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