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Marvel Universe 

Thor (2099)


Marvel 2099 (Earth-928)

Real Name
Reverend Cecil McAdam



Citizen of the United States

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Punisher (2099) #10 (as Cecil McAdam), X-Men (2099) #5 (as Thor)

Cecil McAdam was a reverend of the Church of Thor in the year 2099, when Avatarr offered him a chance to be transformed into his god in order to combat the uncontrolled heroes that had begun to appear. Reverend McAdam gathered together four people who were suitable for becoming nano-engineered gods; including Meanstreak’s friend, Jordan Boone, to be Loki, and Ravage’s friend, Tiana, for Hela. While Avatarr simply wanted pawns to keep the new generation of heroes from meddling with the creation of his floating city of Valhalla, McAdam’s vision was to bring about the second Golden Age of Heroes. And so they began a campaign as the false Aesir, the immortal Asgardian gods.

But the new Aesir weren’t as immortal as they claimed. When Thor arrived at Valhalla to face the 2099’s X-Men who had attacked the city, he found his fellow Aesir, Heimdall, dead. His half-brother Loki claimed that the X-Men killed Heimdall, but refrained from explaining that he had given them the ability to turn off his god-like powers. Doom told the X-Men that the Aesir were only puppets, which angered Thor, who refused to listen to any questions regarding his own godhood. He attacked him until Loki revealed to Doom that Thor’s power lay entirely within his hammer, Mjolnir. Doom used his armor’s sensors to detect the power running through the hammer into Thor, and tried to disrupt the flow, which caused a massive explosion that threw both fighters off the floating city and into the New York City streets below.

Thor woke up on the floor of a laboratory after Alchemax’s cleaning crew pulled him out of a crater and took him back to where he was created. There, Thor saw the failed Sif, but since he couldn’t remember his own identity, he assumed that she was injured. Avatarr appeared and explained that the subject’s DNA was not compatible with Sif’s, and the transformation had failed. He then shut off Thor’s powers and detransformaed him when Thor threatened him, believing he was responsible for her state. Thor was again left as the weak Reverend McAdam. Avatarr continued explaining that he would forget his “mortal” life when he was Thor, and offered him the choice to return to the identity, with the implication that it meant knowing his place. McAdam agreed, and again he became the thunder god, Thor. Avatarr returned Mjolnir to him, and pointed him back to Valhalla.

While the 2099’s Spider-Man, Punisher, Doom and Ravage worked to bring the city of Valhalla under control, Thor smashed through a wall and chose to bring the city down by smashing the generators, rather than allow the “mortals” to claim it. The city began to fall from the Earth, while Thor believed that a new Asgard would rise from the ashes. But the Punisher leapt onto Thor’s back, and Doom told him to throw Thor’s hammer into the head of the vortex to save the city. When Thor spoke, the Punisher recognized him as Reverend McAdam, his family’s Thorite priest. He revealed that he was Jake Gallows, who had known McAdam his whole life. Thor became confused, which distracted him enough for Spider-Man to kick him and force him to release his hold on his hammer. The Punisher grabbed it from him and threw it into the matrix, which created an explosion, then righted the floating city. But while Thor’s hammer flew away from the blast, Thor jumped to grab it, catching the explosion and seemingly killing him, potentially ending the life of the false Thunder God.

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