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Marvel Universe 

Thor (Earth-311)


Marvel 1602 (Earth-311)

Real Name
Donal/Thor Odinson

Thor of the Thunders



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Marvel 1602 #1

In 1602, Donal was once a member of the Templars that kept the staff of Thor safe for a couple hundred years, until the combined might of the King of France and the Pope slaughtered all but a handful of the group; leaving Donal alone to guard the treasure while the rest were persecuted and tortured. Donal loaded the staff upon an old cart and offered Queen Elizabeth I of England to guard it. She sent her man, Nicholas Fury, to protect it, who in turn sent Matthew Murdoch, a blind man most frequently described as a devil. But, on the way to help the old man, Murdoch met up with and was betrayed by Natasha, who appeared with a garrison of men to capture the old man’s treasure, as well as Murdoch and Donal, himself. Natasha took them to Castle Doomstadt in Latveria, and Count Otto von Doom imprisoned them while he tried to discover the secrets of the golden sphere that Donal distracted him with, to safeguard the staff. Donal's friend, Dr. Strange soon contacted him via a dream to tell him that a group of heroes were on their way to rescue him.

Later, when Carlos Javier’s group of witchbreed attacked the castle, and the imprisoned Captain of the Fantastick used his massive strength to rock the foundations of the castle, Donal was freed along with Murdoch. But Doom’s men soon cornered them, after Donal recovered his staff, and against his beliefs, Donal used the staff to turn into the Thunder God, Thor. As Thor, Donal used his powers to bring down a massive thunderstorm, which Javier’s student Robert used to increase his ice powers enough to freeze Doom’s cannons. Doom also used Thor’s lightning to power the sphere he held, to use against the escaped group from the Fantastick, but it backfired and exploded in his face, scarring him severely and brought him to the point of death. Donal then joined the group of heroes and used Thor’s powers to fly their ship to the ocean, so that they could travel to the New World and stop their universe’s swiftly approaching destruction.

Once at the Roanoke Colony, Sir Richard Reed asked Donal to change into Thor in order to give them the needed electrical power to reopen the time rift. But Donal was conflicted, as his Christian beliefs were shattered by the knowledge that the Norse Gods, including Thor and Odin, existed. He felt that he was already damned for changing into him once, and refused to do it again. Eventually, he was convinced that not changing would end their very universe, and so he was forced to change into the heretical god once again, and use his powers to open the rift so that the future Captain America could be returned to his time, healing their universe. Though instead of returning the world to its proper state, the universe became split from the standard universe, and continued along as a pocket universe filled with super-powered heroes before its time.

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