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Marvel Universe 

Titanium Man (Topolov)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Topolov (first name unrevealed)


known to Russian government officials


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #187

The Gremlin is the son of Yuri Topolov who was also known as the Gargoyle. Because his father was exposed to radiation and mutated, Gremlin inherited the traits making him a mutant as well. He was summoned by the KGB to stop Iron Man who they believed was going to attack him and Crimson Dynamo. The Crimson Dynamo accepted the offer while Titanium Man declined. The Gremlin did not trust the KGB accusing them of wanting to steal his armor. Unknown to himself his actions were predicted by the KGB who had set up a plan to use him as bait. The Gremlin believed that no one would find him in his base Bitterfrost, due to his loses to the Hulk there. Thinking he was safe Gremlin mocked the Iron Man and even the KGB. The KGB and the Crimson Dynamo had set up listening devices in his bunker and waited for Iron Man to strike. Iron Man, using his stealth suit, broke into the base unnoticed by the automated defenses outside. Luckily the Crimson Dynamo did not and was attacked by the defenses distracting Tony long enough for him to sneak into the Titanium Man suit. Shutting his defenses off, Titanium Man went outside and fought Iron Man. With the Crimson Dynamo's suit incapacitated the Titanium Man grabbed Iron Man. Being crushed by his hug Iron Man tried to break free but instead caused his jet boots to combust the titanium in Gremlin's armor burning him to death in the process.