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Marvel Universe 

Tome of Zhered-Na


Marvel Universe

Zhered-Na, Illyana Kale

Jennifer Kale

The Tome of Zhered-Na is named after the antediluvian sorceress who foretold the end of Atlantis. For speaking this truth, Zhered-Na was banished and set adrift upon the sea. While she floated, her god, Valka whispered secrets to her about the world and the world of the future. After many weeks she landed at Thuria and founded the Cult of Zhered-Na. She lived and taught there until she was slain by the demon D'Spayre. Atlantis met its fate that same day. Two spirits rescued the wisdom of Zhered-Na and decades later gave it to Illyana Kale, the descendant of a cult member. Kale was inspired then to write the Tome. Certain deities felt that too many secrets were contained inside the Book, so they placed the demon Hellphyr inside its pages to ward away unwelcome users. When the Book was recently opened and Hellphyr was released, Illyana's descendant Jennifer Kale joined with fellow witches Topaz and Satana to stop the demon and save the Tome. The Tome of Zhered-Na is currently with Jennifer Kale.

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