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Marvel Universe 

Trials of Skaar

While on the planet of Sakaar the Green Scar along with his Warbound Warriors defeated the Red King, Prince Angmo II. The Green Scar then became ruler of the planet. He later took the Shadow woman Caiera the Oldstrong as his queen. Not long after their nuptials of marriage, Caiera became pregnant. It was believed that her child was never to have the blessing of life. He was born when mother, Caiera the Oldstrong, was incinerated in the blasts that destroyed Crown City, along with most of the inhabitants of Sakaar, it was assumed that both of them lost their lives in this massive explosion. However, his existence is unknown to his father, by some unknown phenomenon, her child rose from the ashes of the charred planet. He was christened with the name of Skaar, and the title Son of Sakaar.

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Skaar surviving on the planet of Sakaar
The Son of the Hulk has survived the monsters and Wildebots of the radioactive swamps, then defeated the barbarian general Axeman Bone of the Fillians. Not long after the defeat of the Axeman Bone, Skaar locked horns with the warrior Princess Omaka. The Princess and Skaar joined forces to defend Sakaar’s refugees from the invading barbarians. Hailed as a savior, Skaar walked the Prophet's Walk through the Great Desert of Sakaar. Once in the shadow of the holy stone, he claimed his birthright of the Old Power promised by Old Sam of the Clear-Eye Shadow.

Skaar's ascension to his birthright was spoiled when the hidden technology Old Sam, sought to use to awaken the Old Power within Skaar was cannibalized by the Wildebots. However, there stood a chance that the power would awaken on its own. Before this mystery could unravel, however, the holy rock was destroyed by Hiro-Amin, the Axman's Blind Shadow Priest. His attack was blistering with amazing new strength promising nothing but destruction for Skaar and the refugees. Unbeknownst to all present, Old Sam had once tried to train Hiro-Amin to control the Old Power, but he lacked the discipline and skill to master the secret power of the Shadow People. Skaar was able to defeat Hiro-Amin by separating him form the planet - thereby decreasing his power. After seeing the might of the Old Power, Skaar was now seeking to master the Old Power.