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Marvel Universe 

Ultimates (Ultimate Black Ops)


Ultimate Universe

Base of Operations

First Appearance
Ultimate Avengers #3 (2009)

Assembled to take the jobs considered too immoral for public knowledge, these Ultimates won't quit until a permanent solution is reached – most likely with their target in a body bag. Initially formed to deal with the threat of the Red Skull and Cosmic Cube, the Ultimates' core group consisted of Black Widow, Hawkeye, Red Wasp, War Machine and Nerd Hulk, – all following the orders of Nick Fury. The older brother of Tony Stark supplies the Ultimates with whatever weaponry they need for any given assignment, and Gregory Stark doesn't mind spilling a little blood. Occasionally Fury will recruit others as new problems arise such as the Punisher and the original Hulk to deal with a supernatural motorcyclist known as Ghost Rider. Soon after that incident, the Ultimates came into contact with an army of vampires while searching for an AWOL Nerd Hulk and discovered he was transformed into one of them.

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