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Marvel Universe 

Ultraforce (Ultraverse Earth-93060)

Ultraforce (Ultraverse Earth-93060)

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Ultraverse Earth-93060

Base of Operations
Formerly Ultraforce HQ, Florida, Last known base Ultraforce HQ, Headless Cross, Arkansas.

First Appearance
Introduction and origin of Ultraforce (Ultraverse #0, 1994)

Current Members:
Possibly Amber Hunt, Ghoul, Hellblade, Iron Clad, Lament, Maxis, Prime, Ripfire, Topaz, Wreckage

The Ultraforce was a group of superhumans known as Ultras. They were Earth's protectors in a place known as the Ultraverse. They were joined together by Contrary. She possessed some form of telepathy that allowed her to control the pleasure and pain centers of the brain, she also provided the Ultraforce with the advanced technology of the Fire People. She convinced Ghoul, Hardcase, and her former Freex team member Pixx to form Ultraforce, as a means to police the other Ultras of Earth. They later recruited Prototype who was Ultra-Tech's corporate spokesman/mascot and Kevin Green the kid hero known as Prime. Together they battled and defeated Atalon who was the leader of underground dwelling Fire People.

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