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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
(Armored) Excalibur #88 (1995); (identified, true form)Excalibur #90 (1995)

Home World
Mobile throughout space

Technology Level
While capable of installer travel, it is unclear if their simple hi-tech designs are extremely advanced or extremely crude in nature, with most of their advancements concentrated in weapons capable of destroying planetary surfaces from their spaceships.

Physical Description
The Uncreated are vaguely humanoid in shape, with spiky growths on their backs, and to a lesser extent, on their limbs and faces.

The Uncreated were apparently an artificially engineered race, created by an unknown giant insectoid cosmic being for reasons unrevealed. Named the Works because they knew the fact they were created, they believed they could only aspire to be good creations, since the proven existence of a "Superior Being" would always remind them they were inferior no matter what they achieved. Minus the religious concept of faith, the Works developed a species-wide inferiority complex that eventually drove them to scour space in search of their god. After killing it and partially devouring its corpse, they renamed themselves the Uncreated, since they proved themselves superior to their creator, thus “recreating” themselves in their own image. Flush with victory, they traveled the stars, expecting some acknowledgement of their great deed since they believed that their “Superior Being” was everyone’s god, only to find that no other race they encountered considered the Uncreated’s “Superior Being” as any way related to their own perspective pantheons and belief systems. Angered at the other races refusal to acknowledge “God” was truly dead, the Uncreated began a crusade to force other planets to convert to Atheism in order to progress in the universe; any planet that refused was deemed dangerously inferior, and the Uncreated would exterminate all life on that world.

Coming to Earth years ago, a crew of Uncreated were captured by the British paranormal intelligence agency Black Air and incarcerated in the Royal Air Force base Utterleigh (code named “Dream Nails”). Black Air's scientist found the Uncreated carried a blood-based bacterium that could be modified into a physically active virus called Blood Eagle, which responded to stress by cutting its host to pieces. Black Air also used Uncreated, technology create a gene-specific attackswarmers that react to the presence of the mutants x-gene by burning out the target's brain cells. Due to their mistreatment, the imprisoned Uncreated came to regard all humans as evil and pointless. Eventually, one of them bit the base's Chief of Security Culley, fatally infecting him with their bacteria. Culley desperately contacted his colleague Pete Wisdom, who arrived too late to help him. Investigating the incident, Wisdom and Excalibur's member Shadowcat traveled to the base, where Wisdom was exposed to the Blood Eagle virus as a test case, while Shadowcat encountered the newly-escaped Uncreated, who tried to convert her before trying to kill her. Escaping, Shadowcat helped Wisdom destroy the base apparently killing the Uncreated housed there.

Another group of Uncreated that were tracking some Phalanx towards Earth, burned several Shi'ar worlds and an anarchist Clench world when they refused to abandon their religions, drawing the attention of Majestrix Lilandra. She marshaled the Imperial fleet over anarchist Clench world standing still to stop the Uncreated from advancing further into the Imperium; however, the pirate crew Starjammers, who called the planet home used some holographic/force field generating mirror-throwers and a recovered Uncreated manifesto to create a sensor-fooling construct of their dead god. Fooled, the insanely terrified Uncreated exploded their ships rather than confront the idea they were still inferior to their creator.

Recently it has been discovered that there was a surviving member of the Uncreated invasion of Shi'ar space. The member had been held captive on Kr'kn, it has been freed by the maniacal Vulcan, who sought to create a killer Imperial Guard force loyal only to him. He would unleash this force on his brother Havok and the Starjammers.

Contributors: Ohitsme

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