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Marvel Universe 

Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation

Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Las Vegas, Nevada

First Appearance
The Thing #28 (1985)

Current Members:
Ed Garner (owner and operator), Armadillo, Blacksmith, Caveman, Cootie Weiss, Jersey Devil, Little John, Mister Clean, Mister Ear, Swami Riba

Ed Garner, creator and owner of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, wanted to get away from boring “baby class wrestling” and give the fight fans something they’ve never seen before. For the first time ever, Garner’s wrestling federation only employed those with superhuman strength to compete against one another in the ring. The minimum requirements were for all the perspective fighters to lift one ton, and to be able to stand up to a durability test administered by the other wrestlers that passed the lifting prerequisite. The first set of wrestlers was thinned out to one dozen individuals, but there would be plenty more waiting to sign up. On the opening night, the main event put the Thing against Demolition Dunphy, the only other wrestler that lifted as much as the Thing in the preliminaries. The success of the U.C.W.F. was guaranteed after that first night which crowned Thing the first champion of the federation.

The Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation thrilled fans with edge-of-your-seat excitement, and brought only the best and strongest wrestlers into the ring. The Thing was always the star attraction and some of his bouts included an impromptu match with former champion Gator Grant of the World Wide Wrestling League, and even a once in a lifetime event putting him face-to-face with the Beyonder. The U.C.W.F. even added a female division which ultimately led to the first ever inter-gender event where the female champ Battleaxe, who was part of the group called the Grapplers, challenged the Thing in a title for title match.

The Thing dropped out of the U.C.W.F. a short time later, seeking refuge after his body began to mutate further. His departure and subsequent dip in ratings brought Garner's attention to the fact that most of the federation’s wrestlers acquired their strength through illegal radiation and drug treatments from a mystery man known as the Power Broker. Garner claimed ignorance to the Power Broker’s business dealings, but he knew if the media found out it would ruin him. Garner managed to keep the gossip quiet, and the Power Broker was eventually brought to justice by Captain America and former U.C.W.F. wrestler Ms. Marvel.

The Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation is presumably still in operation and continually attracting super powered individuals to test their skills inside the squared circle.

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