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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Unum (the actual names of the beings that have been merged into her consciousness are unrevealed)

One from Many, Spawn of Enmity



Place of Birth

First Appearance
She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision (2008)

She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision (2008)

The minions of beings such as Annihilus, Dormammu, and the Magus have made many sacrifices to show their devotion to their masters, and in return, they do not receive praise or wealth. Instead, they are humiliated, abused, and many of them die in servitude. Though their voices are silenced to the living, one individual still heard their cries of rage. The cosmic being, Enmity, heard their pleas and decided she could not refuse them any longer. She merged them into one powerful entity called Unum and allowed them to indulge their hatred on any they chose to target.

Unum, for whatever reason, chose to hunt any and all women who would be deemed as heroes and annihilate them. However, it wasn't until she challenged the Earthling known as the She-Hulk that her problems were only beginning. She-Hulk, and her partner Jazinda, were teleported away just before a blast of energy fired from Unum's hand could disintegrate them, by an unknown ally. Soon, She-Hulk and Jazinda discovered they weren't the only ones who were abducted. With She-Hulk were her fellow Lady Liberators: Thundra, Storm, Valkyrie, and the Invisible Woman. Jazinda was transported to a place where Lyja the Lazerfist and the women of the Guardians of the Galaxy were waiting. Even though both sets of women warriors did not know why they were brought together, it quickly became clear they were being held against their will. Eventually both sets of women broke free of their safe houses when Unum confronted their savior, the Collector, because she felt he was coming between her and her prey. The brawl that ensued between all of the women present favored Unum because the two teams of heroes were tripping over each other.

She-Hulk took a brief respite to try and figure out what Unum wanted, but only the Collector and Mantis seemed to know what was really going on. Mantis needed to get close enough to Unum to enter her mind, so Gamora gave her teammate the opening she needed when she immobilized Unum's staff by embedding it within her own chest. She-Hulk went to aid Mantis when it looked as if Unum was about to pummel her, but Quasar also flew to help her teammate. In a freak turn of events, Quasar impaled She-Hulk, Mantis and Unum simultaneously on her quantum sword which allowed Mantis to bring She-Hulk with her inside of Unum’s mind.
Enlarge Image
She-Hulk convincing Unum she is being used for Enmity's amusement
She-Hulk discovered the truth behind Unum and convinced her that Enmity was only laughing at her pain. Unum turned on her master and stabbed Enmity with her staff. Enmity dealt with Unum – presumably harshly – but it has not been revealed if Unum survived the battle. With Unum gone, the Collector returned all of the women to their respective places in the universe.

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