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Marvel Universe 



Real Name
Angela Phoenix

Agtatoo, Angie "The Dark" Phoenix, AngiePhoenix85

Publicly known

U.S Citizen

Place of Birth
Chicago, Illinois.

First Appearance
Mystique Halliwell Cafe #1 (2006)

December 2006

Born in raised on the mean streets Chicago, Angela is the eldest of two girls. Raised by her mother, Barbara, an cargiver for the elderly, Angie-Phoenix has been threw many things in her life. Suffering from an illness since the age of 11, Angie-Phoenix became isolated from the outside world. She'd ever have a "normal" life, until one day, her isolation caused her dormant telepathic abilities to manifest. Although her telepathy is not long term, she developed an acute sensitivity to the arrogance and empathy of others. This causes her brain to automatically sense when the person's presence as positive or negative energy, which she later causes the "Phoenix Trigger." Later on in her adult life, Phoenix grown a passion of which she always had since the 2nd grade. The introverted young woman later decided to go to college to become a Graphic Artist, taking courses in drawing, and advanced computer programs such as PAdobe Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator as hobbies. She joined in 2006. Because she grew up watching various cartoons based on superheroes from the Marvel Universe from the early to mid 90s, she became huge fans of the X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four. Down-to-Earth, witty, shy, goofy & sometimes open-minded, she's gained respect from people from the outside world. Despite her youthful features, her height & illness, Angie Phoenix soon learned, that despite an disability and insecurities, you can do anything you put your mind to. Aware of this message, she started doing her own comic-book line called "Shot Gun Opera" (still in progress) and hoping that it will come to fruition some day. Although she works solo, she teamed up with countless crime-fighters; including Mighty Ares, Prue Halliwell (co-founder of Mystique Halliwell Cafe`), and even MarvelFan48 in various adventures in the past. Now and days, she's been roaming far and wide at for new adventures and more people to meet.

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