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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
John Howlett III

Johnny, Sable, & Bone Claw

Secret, known to certain government officials


Place of Birth
Xavier Institute for Higher Learning-Beast’s Lab, NY

First Appearance
(As John Howlett III) Untold Story #1-2 (2008), (as Sable) Sable #3 (2008), (as Bone Claw) *to be announced* (2009)

Untold Story #1-2 (2008)

Prologue- It all started a couple of years ago when Beast had decided to run some test on Wolverine, to see how his natural powers worked. When he started conducting his experiments he drew blood, took sperm samples, saliva, & strands of hair. After Beast finished his test he knew more about Wolverine’s powers, but there where still certain aspects he didn’t understand. Like the early stages of the powers, starting from child-hood. Beast then decided to conduct another experiment, but this one was started without Wolverine’s permission. Beast wanted to make a clone, or some sort of “child” so he could monitor it from birth and up into adult-hood. He had most of the equipment he needed, but he needed a female host of some sort. He needed a female egg, and a womb to carry the child in. Or even just the egg itself, and then he could support a form of “birth” there in his lab. But he couldn’t just use anyone, because if they too were a mutant the DNA of the baby might be changed, & the outcome of the powers would be different than Wolverine’s. And that would ruin the purpose of his experiment. Eventually Beast went through an extensive process to get a sample of female eggs. He then did a “removal process” were he removed DNA & all traits from the egg, so it could still form like any other birthing process, but without the merging of traits & DNA, and without contaminating the outcome. He called it “Customary Mating.” He then placed the egg in a bio-cell where he injected the necessary vitamins and proteins over the next 9 months, and monitored growth & stability. Over time he came to know it was male, and was growing at a steady rate. At the end of the 9 month process Beast felt the baby was ready to come out of its bio-cell. He drained the tank of the liquid and removed the child. At this point he couldn’t conduct any experiments because it was too young. He named the child after Wolverine’s father & brother, John Howlett III. He then decided to take the boy to a near-by orphanage, were it would be easy to keep an eye on him. Now all he could do was wait. There was a slim chance the boy might not have any powers at all. It was a 25-75 percent chance that he wouldn’t. So the odds were on his side.

16 years later- It’s been 16 years and John is currently attending high school. He’s a sophomore & captain of the football team. For the past year Beast has been watching him closely. So far he hasn’t seen any sign of him having any powers. It was a Friday night after one of John’s football games, and beast was following him home, hiding in the shadows. When John suddenly felt like he was being followed. He could smell the person, even hear their heart beating. And strangely the scent was familiar to him. He couldn’t remember where he had smelled the scent before, but he knew he knew it. He turned around to see nothing but the empty street he was on. He still felt the presence of another person, even though they weren’t visible. John continued to walk down the street, and as he rounded the corner he pressed his back against the wall, and waited on who might be following him. As he waited he heard light footsteps getting closer. When the figure came around the corner John saw a blue beast-like man that was slightly taller than him. John was shocked to see what he was looking at. He knew it was a mutant, but he had never seen one in person, at least not that he knew of. John figured it was following him to obliviously kill him. John pushed away from the wall and began running down the street. The mutant called for him but he just kept running. As he ran he began to notice his increased speed, agility, & endurance. “What’s going on with me?”

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