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Marvel Universe 



Angel Comics

Real Name
Eli Benjamin Noriega

E, The rabid Volt

Wilthheld from Public

U.S Citizenship

Place of Birth
Long Island, NY

First Appearance
The Rabid volt:Black Static #1 (2003)

The Rabid volt:Black Static #1 (2003), The one who see's all: Black Static #12 (2008)

Black Static was a Heroe i had created during the summer of 2003, during a Suspension ordeal i had to serve in Middle School. He is an Amaizing Vigilante that was once in denile of his own gift. Eli Noriega was born with a rare (almost definitive) condition/disease that began to take over the entire body by deteriorating his skin and causing constant Seizing. Dr. Gilbert Crisis had stepped into the picture shortly after Eli's Mother (Sandra DeMilo) had unfortunately parished during the Labor of baby Eli. Dr. Crisis was a world renoun Scientist who was a major part of the (stem-cell research) team of the U.S. Although Dr.Crisis had what seemed to be good intentions, he had his own vision of a "Better Populated United States" by experimenting woth D.N.A and weaponizing it. His breakthrough in 1982 with a "Sheilded Aura" had sold to the United States Military for a whopping 32 Billion U.S dollars, helped contribute to open the doors of S.I.N Facility Lab's help reasearching into D.N.A testing for further extension into Military weaponry.
       Dr. Crisis Injected baby Eli with a Molecular serum that had altered damaged D.N.A using Extensive Electrons to help energy flow in the nervous system to help reduce the rare condition that Ely was born with, called "Werner’s syndrome". Inturn the syrum affected Ely greatly, curing the Werner's syndrome but causing the nerves in his body to create a sort of Static Charge that would create an Aura (A Cacoon of Static Electricity). This happening wouldnt take place until Ely became the age of 18 during a Tremendous Thunder Storm while he resided in an Orphanage in LynnBrooke, Long Island, NY.
Throughout Eli's Life, one of the Doctor's that lent a helping hand during his infantile situation, stuck around and constantly kept in contact with Eli. Dr. Eden Darkword later took Eli under his wing after Eli's 18th Birthday, guiding him through the trials and tribulations of life and helped Eli understand how to use and control his "gift". After graduating from Barooq College in New York. He then recieved a job from Leanette Seymore. Head of "kold" magazine corporation as a Journalist investigating "dirst" on both Political and Media Personalities. Little was known that Leanette was the infamous Thief known as "The Widow". Eli shortly became the "Black Static" after learning how to control, generate and properlu use his powers. Eli can generate a large amount of an unknown substance that has the characteristics of Static Electricity but can reach up to unknown amounts of volts and has the ability od flight using Static Electricity around him (working as an Electric Leech). Eli can also drain any object made up of Electricity. During his power usage his eyes turn a bright purple and the static electricty turns between the colors of Purple and Black theirfor giving him the name "Black Static" the Vigilante in NYC.

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