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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Timothy Nilmot




Place of Birth
queens, New-York

First Appearance


BIO Timothy Nilmot was born into a family of good people.He dicovered his mutant powers at the age of 10, by sticking to the wall on accident.when he was at least 18 he decided to become a crimefighter due to all the muggings he saw on the way to school.he knew his powers would make a differnce.Tim made a nice sleek black costume and set out using the name "Black-Spider".He only came out at night and foiled robberies and muggings.But he had no idea how much of a turn his life was going to take.Tim hoped to keep his crimefighting career plain and simple, but he had a feeling deep down that it wasn't always going to be.

Heartbreak Tim was arriving home one evening when he found his parnts murdered in the kitchen.He was so shocked to see cut marks on their bodies and bullet holes.And due to the ruined kitchen, everything on the florr tim realized they had been robed.Tim called the police and had the house under lockdown and went to live with is Grand Parents.He sorely missed his mom and dad, but he also knew that his Grand Parents love him and will take care of him just as well.shooked up about his parent's murder, Tim temporaily stopped being Black-Spider to adjust to life without Mother and Father.

Sticking to the Spider Tim returned to the night prowling as Black-Spider three weeks later to get his mind off of his parents and he thought he waited long enough.He was concered about how many people have gotten mugged since he wasn't around for a long period of time.Tim started going on patrol every night when his grand Parents went to sleep.He was starting to get noticed, and even encoutered and teamed up with the crimefighter Arachno Freak to take on a group of thugs and a phsycotic, monstorus man called [Venom].Tim and Arachno Freak proved to be a good team, and started a strong friend ship.Tim thought his life was starting to turn around...good things will happen for a little.He was right.

Living the Life...Or Not Tim was now very popular in high school now that it started back.He realy had no idea why so many people took an immediate liking to him, until he got home one day and was about to change his clothes and looked in his mirror.His mucles were unusally large for a young man his age.Tim thoguht this was one of the best oments of his life.But...when people saw him hanging out with his best friend Keith carls, who they thoguht was a major nerd, he started becoming same old quiet Tim Nilmot.Tim then started staying out as Black-Spider longer on his patrol nights, thinking it was the only "good" he had in his life.