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Marvel Universe 


BullDog universe = Marvel | real_name = Joey Casale | aliases = Bulldog | identity = Serect | occupation = Hero And Assassin | citizenship = USA | place_of_birth = Albany, New York | relatives = Gina Casale (Mother), Andrew Casale (father), John Casale (brother/Great Dane), Bongo (StepBrother/SIdkick), Emma (Stepsister) | groups = Parners with Brother AKA Great Dane | education = Collage Gradate | height = 5,6 | weight = 105 lbs | eyes = Brown | hair = Brown | powers = Powerful bark, two sharp teeth, can lift up 50 tons, and can turn in to any dog he sees. | abilities = Great with guns and martial art. | weapons = A Knife, 2 machine guns, a shotgun, many granads, and a sniper. | debut = Captian America 1# (2005) | origin = Captain America 27# (2006) BullDog main_image= image_not_available.gif }}{{bio| Joey was born in Albany, New York, but he and his brother was taken from his home for new super soliders test to protect the country from another terrist attack. They injected them with dog DNA giving them super powers. Joey hid out in Flordia for about a year after escaping for the super solider lab, until he was hired be Agency X to kill Copycat with Deadpool but they failed. After working with Agency X joey teamed up with his brother Great Dane and fought many villains like Hammerhead, Wizard, Taskmaster, Bullseye, and Sabretooth. That is when Joey ment Captain America and joined his side in the civil war. After the defeat in the war and the assassination of Captian America Joey hid out, until World War Hulk where he helped the heros fight the Hulk

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