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Candlight is a woman who's a firey devil-may-care. This woman is a girl with power of the control of fire and the control of flight. Candlight was just a normal low run, "I don't care" teenager until her orphanage got on flames. She dashed in the firey structure to make sure no one was in there or hurt. But the fire formed a hand and collasped over poor Candlight. Luckily she survived, and she dicovered her powers that changed her life forever. After that she met the man of her dreams, Johnny Storm. Human Torch Before, she was a magician, and a daredevil. Her ex-boyfriends were Pyro, and Ghost Rider. Then she was kidnapped by The Imperfects and became part of their group.

Later she meets a stubborn teen named Racqueal Merisha who has the strange mutant powers of vines & icey winds. They were beaten plenty but Racqueal seemed to be victorious. Later when she all healed, she sneaks out of her headquarters and arrives at the X Mansion meeting Racqueal again. But she met alot of mutants at the mansion. Such as Nightcrawler, Storm, Rogue, and Wolverine. Moments later she finds to be stuck in an elevator with Wolverine and tried to help Wolverine get his mind over Jean Grey's death as she told him how bad her life was. Wolverine findes Canlight's friendship growing as he believes in her.

Candlight was also a first class legend at Japenese Samerai. As she has the skills of a ninja. (Even thought she's not.) Alot of people knew that Candlight was an orphan all her life, but some of the people of New York believed that Elektra is her mother because of her skills of her powers and fighting.

Candlight was always a helpful person even though she has a firey attitude and personality. Her, Johnny, Racqueal, & Nightcrawler saved the city from the robotic alien invasion. The Imperfects turned to the good side since then. 2 monthes later, Johnny proposed to Candlight. Years after, her and Johnny had two kids together. Ryan Storm, and Chris Storm. (Also known as Meriassah & Firechrist.) But one day, she meets with Elektra. Had a fight to proove if Elektra was her mother or not. Shockinly she was. Candlight stormed off in her anger and her rage. She was dissapointed that she didn't know her mother before when she was in the orphanage.

After her argue with Elektra, she found out The Brotherhood were after them. She runs into Pyro. The person who let her down with a breakup. She didn't trust him after he lied to her and broke up with her. They became enemies right away. Candlight was beaten hard, almost near death but with the last power she had she had beaten Pyro and she was vitorious. When Candlight returd to The X-Men's X-Jet, Candlight collasped unconsios because of her weakness. She died. Just when people thought her life was over, Johnny's Love, the skills she had. It was the Phoenix. Jean Grey's spirit brought her back to life. (Bad timing though because she was in the coffin at the time.)

Well, now you know a bit of the story. I guess this is it. I'm still workin on it.