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Marvel Universe 




Real Name
Shane Bridger Lutz

Karma, Circa, Black Widow

Secret as Venom, secret as Karma

United States

Place of Birth
Cape Fear, North Carolina

{{bio| When Shane was young, he was exposed as a mutant. Able to control and create electricity, he was a super-human. Then, he resulted in joining S.H.I.E.L.D. as the secret agent Circa, and took the Super Soldier Serum, unknowing that he would lose his mutant gene.. He left shield when he found the symbiote, and became the classic Venom. He terrorized the world as Venom, and then it was discovered that Venom, was really Shane's dual identity. He was unable to control when he turned into, what it called itself, John. So he tried and tried to find a cure for the psychotic double identity. When he found that John Lutz was his twin brother who died at birth. Then he realized he wasn't crazy, he was still a mutant. John's thoughts and ideas were all inside Shane's head, just waiting until John gained control of the body and stalked the streets as the evil mutant, Venom.

John has been gaining more and more control over their body and has terrorized day and night. There is no way of telling who is in control until John tells that it is him in the body, but there is no way of telling if Shane is in control.

Now, Venom stalkes the world, waiting for more prey, until Karma a.k.a. Shane, can find out how to get rid of Venom, the symbiote, and John once, and for all. But for know, The Venom waits for it's victims along the city streets, for the right moment to strike.