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User:Danny Waah!


Prime Universe

Real Name
Danny Wall


No dual identity


Place of Birth
Burbank, California

First Appearance

Thanks to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, I have fallen in love with superheroes. I can remember demanding a Spider-Man cake for an early birthday and dressing up as Nightcrawler for Halloween as a kid.

I can remember the Hulk read-along records and Spider-Man in the Electric Company, but the first honset-to-goodness comic book I remember reading was Uncanny X-Men #191 (1985), when Kulan Gath rewrote reality. Unfortunately, it didn't take. But two comic book series would change that. First, my friend lent me The Avengers, during Roger Stern's Mansion Siege storyline (#273-277). At the same time, I found The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Ediition, and in particular, the Cyclops entry. I read the latter during ninth grade Science class, slipping it between the pages of the open book so the teacher would think I was reading the chapter. Before Phys Ed that day, my friend and I had a long discussion about the tragic origin of Cyclops and his lack of control from his optic blasts. I have been a Marvel zombie ever since, staying mainly with the Avengers and related Marvel Heroes but always dabbling in the height, breadth, and depth of the entire Marvel Universe.

In the early days of the internet, under the name "ozbot," I started one of the first online Marvel Handbook sites called, simply, the Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe. It started on the old websites, thanks in part with Dave Medinnus, who still runs the Star-Spangled Site. I bounced around from server to server over the years, including Topcities and piggybacking on the original-and-still-the-best Appendix site ( Ultimately, however, after 12 long years, I felt obliged to take my site down. Ah, what an end of an era. I wondered if there was another way to continue the hobby. Should I try a blog form? A wiki web form? But soon, other web creators would have their own versions of the Handbook, and mine seemed . . . redundant. Plus, Marvel started published Official handbooks once again! Hooray! Now there didn't seem a need to publish my own version, when I could get the Real Things. Plus, like a ray of light from heaven, I stumbled on the new site, which used the wiki format to allow contributors from all across fandom. What a great time to be alive. Thanks,!


I've had the priveledge of creating over 200 entries, but my favorites are:

Other Projects

My other officially unofficial Marvel hobbies include: