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Marvel Universe 


Hi folks, just letting you know I<m new here and love Marvel Universe. I was into comics in the early 90's while one of my friend was following the Age of Apocalypse saga, That's when I was first introduce to the X-Men. Well I alredy know them barely but at that time I still was only intersted in Superman when we used to talk about superheroes 'cause he's the best. So I started not to read them (my english wasn't enough develop to foolow the plotlines) but I enjoyed alot of fightin' action (remeber Hulk vs Wolverine, geez, wata fight!!) My friend also used to collect Spiderman but also some comics from Image such as Spawn witch I like very mutch, Gen-13, and Witchblade, and alot of Lobo from DC. At that time my favorite character above all others was X-Man(Nate Grey). Almost 15 year later, the rage of buying comics came back to me. I just started to collect Civil War in TP format since last month and boy did I enjoy it. I'm looking forward to World War Hulk, just order all the comics that comes before...I'm also interested in following Annihilation: Conquest but I want all the 3 books that comes before. Untill then I'll be watching 2006 FF anime on tv and rewatch all my favorite movies, all Marvel's