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Prime Universe

Real Name
Seán Kennedy

David Andrews, Seán Ó Cinnéide, Cinnéide, Soc

Publicly known


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Commented Spider-Girl's discussion page.

August 14, 1988

Hi I set this acount up in the name David Andrews but my real name is Cinneide,

(call me Dave if you want I really don't mind). Born and raised in Dublin as a loyal Marvel comic fanatic I like to try and express myself through any medium I can, A little too much sometimes as some well know.

My favorite charecter is Spider-Man first and foremost. I gotta say I don't agree with "Brand New Day" and hope this'll be corrected soon. I dropped Amazing Spider-Man but just couldnt last without my Spidey fix up. Other charecters I enjoy are Captain America (Brubakers kickin ass), Wolverine, The Punisher, Venom of course, and Toxin He needs to be written up again in main stream. I gotta say I loved World War Hulk, lovin Skaar now. Green Goblin is my all time favorite villain. Also I didn't like Iron Man after Civil War but he got cool again soon.

My favorite artist at the moment would have to be Mike Deodato Jr. I loved his run on Amazing Spider-Man. I guess it all depends on who the colorist is for him too though as it really shifts time to time.

I actually managed to meet with Civil War writter "Mark Millar" too and talked about the series and writter comunication. When I asked him if he was worried about how Iron Man was being portrayed he replied "People are trying to make him look evil as if he's some kind of villain saying "Mwah ha ha haaa I will eat your children" he said twirling his imaginary moustache in his fingers. What a nice guy.

In college at the moment doing animation and drawing studies working part time weekends when I can to scrape up cash for comics.

I can also be reached Here.