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Marvel Universe 


{{Powerbox| Universe =Galmantia | real_name = Tyranus | aliases = The Terrible,Dreadful Death,Idol of Illusions | identity = ShapeShifter | occupation = Emperor | citizenship = Unknown | place_of_birth = Unknown | relatives = Deceased | groups = Galmantians | education = God | height = Unknown | weight = Unknown | eyes = Crimson | hair =none | powers = teleportation,telekinesis,power blasts,shap-shift,freeze time | abilities = Feeds off any living,vibrant energy | weapons = The all powerful mind | debut =Eternal | origin = Unknown | significant_issues = Constantly in battle with his twin, Trevlar.Believed to be his doppelganger, Tyranus finds himself in endless battles with Trevlar over universal dominance.From time to time they seem to forget whos fighting for all that is good and who has crossed over to the darkside.The hunger for infinite power seems to have blinded them both.After ages and ages of war, result remains a stalemate.Is Trevlar his twin,his brother,his doppelganger?Could it be that hes a creation,a mere illusion made up by Tyranus himself, of the Emperor he can never be???