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Marvel Universe 



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Real Name
Commodore Nathaniel Lowe

Nathan, ElPirata, The Demon Pirate, The Dark Angel's Servant, Lowe

Known by those who have seen him transform


Place of Birth

First Appearance
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Not Applicable

Born Nathaniel Lowe in July 17, 1897, stayed in that era until he turned 20 when a personal friend offered him an adventure. As it turned out, the eccentric tycoon had found the ruins of the island lowe is destined to fight for in his future. After Lowe explored the island he discovered the beached ruins of a once great brigantine, as he imagined what it would have been like to sail her, a marvelous time machine appeared before him. And so he boarded and it hurled him back to the year 1657, 240 years before he was even born! And so the legend of Commodore Nathaniel Lowe began, the formation of Port Atlantica, the fall of half of Atlantica by the hand of the Supernatural Entity known only as The Dark Shadow, and even the achievement of his powers...even the appearance of Lowe's Guardian Angel, a dark angel condemned to Earth to watch over Lowe by the name of Raven.

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