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Real Name

FaMouS 7, InFaMous 7, KSI xFaMouSx 7



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Marvel Comics FaMous 7 #1 June.17.08

born in Illinois to farmer parents, Ernesto had a pretty normal life went to the movies had a girlfriend but something was missing from his life or so he thought, that is until that fateful day when Ernesto would make the decision that would change his life forever. On a trip to chicago Ernesto and his girlfriend were sightseeing when out of nowwhere they were approached by a strange man named Victor Von Doom he talked about having unlimited powers and Strength and that he would be loved by everyone. Victor Convinced Ernesto to going to New York with him. once Ernesto was in his lab ready for the Experiment Victor confessed on turing him into one of his minions "see Ernesto your cousin Tony is very famous in new york" " i know his makes weapons for the army" "HA HA tony is not only a weapons maker but he is Iron Man. And you are going to go and destroy him, he trusts you and will let you into his home" "I wont do it" " but thats where u are wrong u will" Doom proceded with the experiment and it seemed to go as planned until Ernesto Started to shake violently, the machine was overloading and then BOOM. the machine exploaded and sent doom and Ernesto Flying.Ernesto awoke and to his surprise he could fly and had extreme strength, not to mention his IQ went up drastically and later he would find out that he could regenerate. Ernesto went to stark tower to meet with his cousin

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