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Garnet, GP

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I have been aware of Marvel comics since I was introduced to them as a little girl but I really started to get into them after reading the Dark Phoenix Saga, which today still remains one of my favourite story arcs. I am a huge fan of Jean Grey/Phoenix, Symbiotes (especially Venom), Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Ghost Rider/John Blaze and Deadpool among others. My favourite teams include Alpha Flight (and its most recent incarnation Omega Flight) and the Thunderbolts.

Although I have out of the loop with the Marvel universe for the past several years, I recently joined this community with the intent of brushing up on my Marvel lore and help with providing images or editing pages where necessary. I am more than happy to discuss anything involving my submissions and edits in my talk page.


The following are images I contributed, either compositions or alterations to remove words and/or other characters.