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Hello True Believers!

Since I was 8 yrs old, I have loved the Marvel Universe. I began my comic collecting early with Marvel Comics Presents, which led me to my appreciation of Ghost Rider *Vol II, Dan Ketch*. I also loved X-men as a child, Gambit and Rogue being my favorite characters.

When the X-men film came out I had not bought a comic in many yrs, but I knew I wanted to rediscover my mythological comic book roots. I was not disappointed. When I began buying comics again the New X-men section of the X-men series was just finishing up. I quickly bought the earlier issues of the story arc and was well on my way to collecting all current X-men titles. I just thought the emotional and interpersonal details that had bored me as a child *wanting to see only explosions and tits* were surpassing those that I see in books and contemporary film. Now the only question is, how much is too much per month to spend on comic books?????


Ghost Rider

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