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Marvel Universe 


Legal Name: MATT J. BONIFACE Birthdate: 08/20/1983 Birthplace: Patchogue, Long Island, NY Hometown: Melbourne, FL Education: Film Degree (2003)

          General AA (2008)

Career: Radio Production, Hosting & Retail Management.

I have been into comic books my entire life. Throughout early grade school I remember watching the origional X-Men Cartoon on Saturday Mornings, collecting the figurines, and reading the 90's comic books. Later on I looked into other comic markets: DC, Darkhorse, and other third party comics.

I currently have a subscription to the Online Marvel Comic Database. I spend my free time catching up on the storyline I missed over the years and reading back in comics before my time.

Favorite Marvel Characters: 1. Gambit 2. The Thing 3. Spiderman 4. Wolverine 5. Shadowcat

Favoite DC Characters: 1. Green Lantern 2. Nightwing 3. Mr. Mxyzptlk 4. Batman 5. Superman