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Marvel Universe 



Earth 3000

Real Name
Roger Ridwick




Place of Birth
Anchorage, Alaska

Roger Ridwick had a normal life as a college teacher, before the trip that doomed his parents’ life. On vacations in mount St. Helen, Roger and his parents went right to the top of the volcano where an unexpected explosion caught them, leading to his parents death. Luckily, Roger survived the lava but the long contact with his skin lead to sudden mutations in his DNA, which gave Roger is powers.

After his parent’s funeral and without knowing about the effects lava had made on him we went back to New York where he met Elizabeth Johnston, an extraordinary doctor that worked in biological effects on human cells. Later he married Elizabeth, but during the wedding he went into shock.

After some medical exams, Elizabeth discovered that his cells were not normal and told his husband about her discovery. During a new exam Roger’s eyes suddenly became red and he acted like possessed. He evoked Hell’s lava and suddenly disappeared. He found himself in Hell where he met Hell Lord and Lava Lord, kings off Hell. By that time his body had dramatically changed. He later became their ally and together formed the group called Lords of Hell, ruling Hell and its creatures.

Two years later, during a combat between Hulk 3000 and Abomination, these two opened a whole between surface and Hell. By seeing the sunlight Roger got back to his normal body and his possessed status ended. Seeing a normal man between monsters, Hulk 3000 helped Roger back to surface and helped him find his way home.

Knowing that his wife was now living in Washington, he got a plane and went to meet her. As he had been declared dead she moved on and became in love with a co-worker. With his heart broken he returned to New York where he tried to get back to his old life. Soon he realized that he could get back to the form he had in Hell when he wanted to. But this time he was on command of his body. Tony Stark (Iron Man 3000) found about this new character and went to talk to him convincing him to become an Avenger. Joining Avengers 3000 and using the name Helltain (due to his former life which he didn’t want to forget) he defeat a lot of Avengers 3000’s enemies.

The other two lords of Hell decided to come to the surface and convince their former ally to come back. Helltain didn’t want to go back, so Hell Lord and Lava Lord decided to destroy life on Earth. Helped by his fellow companions Helltain defeated Hell Lord and Lava Lord.

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