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Marvel Universe 


I (Maria) am just your average 20 year old, I'm not popular, but I'm not hated, I go to collage, live in a dorm with Lea for the moment, and, oh yeah, I have super powers! Now before you say anything, no I wasn't born with them, I got them in an accident in the student laboratory. I am currently batteling twins that can shape shift, making it very hard on me to catch them! They don't really have names yet as far as I know, but I just call them the cat girls, because for some reason, no matter what disguise they are in, it has a hint of a cat. They have a tiger, a highly trained, hard to fight tiger, might I add! I fight at night, so hardly anyone has seen me, and the ones who have are thought insaine, and I hope to keep it that way for a long time!


Marvel Universe

Real Name

Illisian, John, David, Alex.



Place of Birth
Beverly Hills, California

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