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Marvel Universe 


History: Dominic had a normal enough childhood. He was born in a small town in Calabria, Italy to an Italian father and Irish mother. At the age of 5 his father took a job @ Stark International in NYC as a low level research assistant where the family stayed for a number of years. After an attack on the city by Dr. Doom a frightened Mrs. Argento took Dominic and his sister to live in Houston where they attended High School.At the event of M-Day Dominic was at a college orientation, suddenly there was a strong pain in his body and he passed out. When he awoke he found that his skin had become pale, he had grown fangs and the entirety of his eyes had become black. After visiting numerous specialists he found that he was now x-gene positive and he had become active durring the event (much like the mutant Layla Miller). With this knowledge Dominic made his way to Westchester to meet with the X-Men in the hopes of getting answers and training regarding his new identity. While there he very briefly became romantically involved with the X-Man Psylocke. Unable to control himself, Dominic bit Betsy on the neck and drained a quart of her blood which led to a bitter split between the two. Following this he began displaying limited telepathy and telekinesis which seems to be a permanent transfer due to the amount of blood consumed. Dominic soon returned to the University of Texas in Austin where he pursued a doctorate in applied mathematics. Recently he has become more involved in the deteriorating situation with mutants and is in the process of moving to San Francisco to be closer to the mutant community and help where he can.