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Marvel Universe 


Universe: Marvel Universe Real Name : Irvin Anglin Jr. Aliases : unknown Occupation : student Citizenship : United States Place of Birth : Philadelphia, P.A. Known Relatives : unknown Group Affiliation : unknown Education : high-school

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES Height : 5'5 Weight: variable Eyes :brown Hair :black

Powers He Wants: Teleportation , Telepathy , Chaos Magic

My Hero is: Vulcan

My Other Heros: Cloak , Doctor Strange , Sentry , Sub-Mariner , Black Panther , Luke Cage

My Favorite X-men: Nightcrawler , Professor X , Colosus , Bishop , Iceman

My Son: Franklin Richards

What he wants to see in Marvel: More young heros Franklin Richards age and size , the return of all of the lengendary X-men (Angel, Jean Grey, Banshee, Storm, Forge, Gambit, Jubilee, Sunfire, Dazzler, and Rouge's Ms. Marvel powers) along with the reunification of the seperate teams, and more kid side kicks. Along with more magical children that Doctor Strange must watch over.